Taal Volcano’s Smog Prompts Urgent Call for N95 Mask Usage by Devoted OB-GYN and Medical Educator

Manila, Philippines – In a heartfelt and urgent plea, Mr. Ryan Borja Capitulo, a devoted servant of God, a dutiful son, loving brother, doting uncle, respected OB-GYN, and medical educator, took to social media to share a shocking discovery. His message, shared in the midst of a growing environmental crisis, serves as a stark reminder of the critical importance of protecting oneself from the toxic effects of volcanic smog.

Mr. Capitulo’s message was simple yet profound: “I’m staying indoors in our hospital, but I was shocked that my N95 mask turned black! Mask-up everyone! Use N95 please.”


Taal Volcano, located in the Philippines, has been exhibiting increased activity in recent weeks, including the release of volcanic smog, or vog, a noxious mix of gas and fine volcanic ash that poses serious health risks to those exposed to it. As an OB-GYN and medical educator, Mr. Capitulo is no stranger to the importance of safeguarding health, but even he was taken aback by the impact of the vog on his protective mask.


Volcanic smog can cause a range of health problems, including respiratory issues, eye irritation, and skin problems. Prolonged exposure can lead to more severe complications, especially for vulnerable populations, such as children, the elderly, and individuals with preexisting respiratory conditions.


The use of N95 masks is highly recommended in areas affected by volcanic smog, as these masks offer a higher level of filtration and protection compared to regular cloth masks or surgical masks. They can effectively filter out fine particles, such as those found in volcanic ash and smog, providing a crucial defense against inhaling harmful substances.


Mr. Capitulo’s heartfelt message serves as a timely reminder for everyone in regions affected by volcanic smog to prioritize their health and safety by wearing N95 masks when venturing outdoors. It is especially vital for healthcare workers like Mr. Capitulo, who are on the front lines, to set an example and advocate for proper protective measures.


Local authorities and health organizations have also been actively disseminating information about the dangers of vog and the importance of wearing N95 masks. They have urged residents to stay informed about the latest updates on Taal Volcano’s activity and to follow safety guidelines to minimize health risks.


As the Philippines grapples with the ongoing volcanic activity of Taal, the message from Mr. Capitulo serves as a poignant reminder that the health and safety of individuals and communities should always be a top priority. By masking up and using N95 masks, we can take a significant step toward protecting ourselves and our loved ones from the dangers of volcanic smog.

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