Herlene Hipon Budol’s Talent Manager Wilbert Tolentino Resigns, Expresses Gratitude for Successful Career Journey

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In an official announcement, Herlene Hipon Budol’s talent manager has declared that effective July 31, 2023, they will be stepping down from their role. The decision comes after over a year of being deeply involved in Herlene’s career, acting as a second parent and guiding her through her journey in the industry.

Despite the difficult decision, the talent manager explained that it was necessary to prioritize their health and dedicate more time to their own family, especially considering Herlene’s growth and the increasing demands of the profession.

Managing a talent like Herlene is an all-consuming responsibility, and the manager expressed that the twenty-four hours in a day were insufficient for personal endeavors. Balancing the demands of this role, with the need for self-care, became increasingly challenging.

During their time as Herlene’s talent manager, numerous achievements were accomplished, not only in her personal life but also in her career as a beauty queen. From securing the first runner-up position in Binibining Pilipinas 2022 to winning the title of Miss Philippines Tourism 2023, Herlene’s career saw significant success under their guidance.

In the entertainment industry, they helped Herlene land major breakthroughs, including her first lead role in the teleserye “Magandang Dilag,” which garnered high ratings. The talent manager also worked diligently to secure multiple upcoming projects, such as TV commercials and endorsements set to launch later this year.

The manager expressed pride in helping Herlene achieve her dreams, such as acquiring a new home, car, and other investments. They shared core values with Herlene, emphasizing commitment, professionalism, and gratitude, which they believe will continue to be vital in her future endeavors.

Expressing gratitude to the companies that trusted Herlene, the talent manager acknowledged the successful partnerships and contracts signed with brands like Jag Jeans, GSM Blue, Silka, Pizza Hut, World Balance, Ever Bilena Cosmetics, and many others.

Additionally, they extended their appreciation to GMA Network-Kapuso Channel-7, the KF Crown.Glory.Legacy headed by Direk Rodin Gilbert B. Flores, the KaFreshness Admin, and all the devoted followers of Herlene, including the Kainutz, KaSquammy, KaHiponatics, and KaBudol communities.

The resignation of Herlene’s talent manager marks the end of a fruitful collaboration, but both parties are optimistic about the future. Herlene’s career is expected to continue flourishing with upcoming endorsement deals, television shows, and potential movie projects.

While bidding farewell for now, the talent manager hopes to meet Herlene again in the future, knowing that the remarkable journey they embarked on together has made a significant impact on both their lives.

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