Kiko Matos, Shares a Video Reacting to the Loss of Rendon Labador’s Facebook Page

Manila, Philippines – In a recent social media sensation, Kiko Matos took to Facebook to address the surprising disappearance of Rendon Labador’s Facebook page. The video began with Matos seemingly expressing empathy for Labador’s predicament. However, as the video unfolded, his tone shifted, and he began to mockingly berate Labador, implying a sense of satisfaction about the page vanishing.

Matos remarked, “This is what Rendon deserves,” and referred to it as a case of “karma.” He added, “The Philippines will be a happier place now that Rendon’s Facebook page is no longer around.” According to Matos, he wasn’t taken aback by the turn of events, suggesting that the entire Philippines had foreseen this outcome.


In the course of the video, Matos also directed some criticism towards “Motivational Rice,” a social media entity known for sharing inspirational quotes. He implied that it might have played a role in the controversy, though no specific details were given.


Matos continued his taunting on his Instagram story, where he read messages from Labador and continued to make fun of the situation.


The video has stirred up a range of reactions and discussions across social media platforms. While some view Matos’s remarks as justified, others have criticized the manner in which he conveyed his thoughts.


Meanwhile, there has been no official statement from Rendon Labador regarding the disappearance of his Facebook page.


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