Ricci Rivero Opens Up About His Ideal Woman and Reflects on Past Relationship with Andrea Brillantes

Unfazed by the public scrutiny following his breakup with Kapamilya actress Andrea Brillantes, Ricci Rivero openly discussed the qualities he admires in an ideal partner.

In a candid conversation with former Manila Mayor Isko Moreno on his vlog, Rivero revealed the traits that resonate with him when it comes to women.

When asked about his preferences, Moreno inquired, “What characteristics do you look for in a woman? Just for the sake of conversation, what kind of woman catches your interest?”

Without hesitation, Rivero replied, “Maturity. Simplicity, family-oriented, and a strong faith in God.”

Reflecting on his past relationship, Rivero emphasized the importance of staying true to oneself. He mentioned his inclination to keep certain aspects of his personal life private and expressed no regrets regarding his failed romance with Brillantes.

“As long as you know you’re on the right path, there’s no need for regrets or dwelling on the past,” he shared. “Perhaps it’s better to involve fewer people in a relationship to avoid unnecessary interference.”

Rivero also emphasized his ability to ignore external opinions and focus on moving forward. He firmly believes that as long as he remains true to himself and acts with integrity, he is not obliged to explain his actions to critics.

When asked about the responsibility to address the concerns of those who may have been hurt by his actions, Rivero confidently stated, “There is no obligation because they don’t truly know the whole truth. They might have heard one side, but that doesn’t encompass everything. I believe it’s best to let them express their opinions. Unfortunately, some people take advantage of situations. We leave it to our legal team.”

Despite facing criticism, Rivero remains steadfast in his personal journey, staying true to himself, and respecting the privacy of his personal life. He confirmed the end of his relationship with Brillantes on June 9 and kindly requested that the public respect their decision to keep the details of their relationship private.

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