Ex-lover, anak sa labas ni Francis M lumutang!

In a surprising revelation, a former flight attendant has revealed her past relationship with the legendary rapper, Francis Magalona, on the show ‘Pinoy Pawnstars’ hosted by Boss Toyo.

Abegail approached the show to sell a jersey and several signed messages from Francis M, where she disclosed their previous romantic involvement. She mentioned that Francis M spotted her on ‘Eat Bulaga’ and took her phone number.

The love between them bore fruit, and she introduced their child, Gaile Francesca, whose name was reportedly chosen by the late rapper himself.

While they were still together, Abegail revealed that it was during that time they discovered that the Pinoy King of Rap, Francis M, had cancer. She described how their world fell apart as they had plans and were doing well when he suddenly became ill.

Abegail shared the difficulties of her situation, as she couldn’t go out due to her partner’s illness, which made it even harder. She explained that they kept quiet about their relationship for a long time, and they now simply want to let the public know of their existence.

“For 15 years, I remained silent. I didn’t say anything about me and my daughter. Perhaps this is the only right I can do for our child,” Abegail stated.

She acknowledged that people might judge her, but emphasized the reality of their existence. She mentioned that what they had was real, and her daughter was loved by Francis M.

Abegail sold Francis M’s jersey and autograph to Boss Toyo for P500,000 and expressed her desire for it to be preserved in a museum that a social media influencer plans to establish.

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