Herlene “Hipon” Budol Shines in ₱700,000 Masterpiece Gown

Herlene Budol, popularly known as “Hipon,” has become an inspiring figure through her journey from adversity to success. Despite facing numerous rejections and financial struggles, Herlene has captured the hearts of many with her unwavering spirit and radiant presence. Her incredible transformation has positioned her as a symbol of hope and resilience in the world of beauty pageants.

Coming from humble beginnings, Herlene and her devoted mother, Mama Lhen, persevered through hardships in pursuit of Herlene’s dream to participate in a local beauty pageant. Overcoming limited resources, they improvised by creating their own gowns using simple fabrics, showcasing their resourcefulness and determination.


During the preliminary competition of Miss Grand Philippines 2023, Herlene’s elegance and charm took center stage. Wearing a remarkable Leo Almodal Masterpiece valued at ₱700,000, her gown, named “Sikat” or “Ray of Light,” captivated the audience with its intricate Swarovski crystals. Every shimmering detail of the gown perfectly complemented Herlene’s stage presence, leaving a lasting impression on all who witnessed her transformation.

Herlene’s stunning appearance was not achieved alone. The expertise of Celebrity Makeup Artist Mary Letim Ponce and hairstylist Marky Buenaobra enhanced her natural beauty, radiating regality. Pageant mentor Rodin Gilbert B. Flores provided valuable guidance and support throughout Herlene’s journey. Fashion Coordinator Richard Sumait, from Team Almodal, played a crucial role in ensuring every detail was meticulously arranged. Lastly, Herlene expresses her heartfelt gratitude to her manager, handler, and fairy godmother, Sir Wilbert Tolentino, also known as “KaFreshness,” for his unwavering support and belief in her potential.


Herlene’s story serves as a testament to the power of determination and resilience. As she prepares for the highly anticipated Miss Grand Philippines 2023 finals, she eagerly awaits the support and cheers from her devoted fans: the KaSquammy, KaHiponatics, KaFreshness, Kainutz, and KaBudol communities. Their unwavering loyalty fuels Herlene’s unwavering determination.

As the grand finale approaches, all eyes are on Herlene “Hipon” Budol, the epitome of grace and strength. Her remarkable journey from adversity to success has captured the nation’s attention, inspiring others to pursue their dreams against all odds. Stay tuned as this rising star continues to shine brightly, leaving an indelible mark on the world of beauty pageants and reminding everyone that true beauty emanates from within.

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